Welcome To Triple Plus Lighting S.L.U. !

TRIPLE PLUS - is a company based in Zaragoza, Spain. which designs, manufactures and sells lighting equipment for the professional lighting sector. We bring beauty in every establishments and our design with LED technology with reasonable cost.

TRIPLE PLUS has meant passion, technology, creativity, for two decades that allowed us to become one of the most introduced companies in the European markets.

TRIPLE PLUS was established in 1997, which the building and construction was flourishing all over SPAIN. We start our LED technology since 2005 and developed it up to present. We have also joint venture with all over the world factories like CREE, SAMSUNG, SHARP, ELT and etc., who produced special lighting and electrical products on demand.

TRIPLE PLUS carry out operations which consists of retailing, wholesaling and exporting a wide range of lightings and electrical items like indoor and outdoor lights and all range of LED Lights Industrial and domestic lamps, light fittings, accessories and many more.